The Morgan Crusader Bible of Louis IX or Maciejowski Bible or The Bible of Shah Abbas

Folio 41 recto

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David's Wrath:
A messenger returns with news of the shameful treatment that David's envoys have received at the court of the Ammonite king, Hanun. Hanun, confident that David will attempt to avenge the indignity, hires thousands of Syrian mercenaries to strengthen the Ammonite army. It is to no avail, however, as Joab shortly leads the Israelites into battle and defeats the enemy. In this scene, as the last of the Israelite army rides forth, Joab lands a crushing blow with a battle axe that fells an enemy rider and his horse. (2 Samuel 10:614)

The Syrians Rally and Are Defeated:
Ashamed of their loss to Israel, the Syrians assemble a great army; men have come from across the Euphrates to join Shobach, commander of the Syrian army. David orders the Israelite army across the Jordan and engages the enemy head on. In the heat of battle, David encounters Shobach and runs him through with a spear; in total, forty-thousand Syrian soldiers are slain. (2 Samuel 10:1518)

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