The Morgan Crusader Bible of Louis IX
or Maciejowski Bible
or The Bible of Shah Abbas

Ms Morgan 638, folio 31r

Morgan Maciejowski Bible f.31r, Detail of lower register
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Michal Delays the Soldiers:
Michal has warned David of her father's new plot to kill him. While David scrambles through a window, his wife delays the king's assassins. My husband is ill, she explains, and must stay in bed. She has arranged a dummy in the bed and covered its head with a hairy goat skin. The suspicious soldiers are about to discover Michal's ruse. (1 Samuel 19:1117)

A Trusted Friend:
David flees to Ramah and takes refuge with Samuel and other prophets. The priest listens intently as David explains his plight. (1 Samuel 19:18)

Saul Learns of David's Whereabouts:
A field hand arrives at court and informs the king that David hides in Ramah with Samuel. Saul immediately dispatches officers to arrest David. (1 Samuel 19:1920)

Saul's Officers Struck by the Spirit of the Lord:
Saul's officers arrive in Ramah. As they approach Samuel and David, the spirit of the Lord descends upon them in the form of a dove. David watches in amazement as his would-be captors begin to prophesy and wildly dance about. (1 Samuel 19:20)

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