The Morgan Crusader Bible of Louis IX
or Maciejowski Bible
or The Bible of Shah Abbas

Ms Morgan 638, folio 17v

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Ruth Meets Boaz:
Boaz, a wealthy kinsman of Ruth's deceased father-in-law, rides forth to survey his fields. He asks his foreman about Ruth and learns that she is the Moabitess who returned with Naomi. Impressed by Ruth's hard work and loyalty to Naomi, Boaz promises her his protection. At right, he addresses his workmen. A field hand directs a worker who carries two sheaves on his back. Three reapers busily cut the grain, followed by Ruth and another young woman, who gather the grain. (Ruth 2:49)

Ruth Eats with Boaz and the Workmen:
At mealtime, Ruth is invited to eat with Boaz, the foremen, and the field workers. The company spreads a cloth over their knees and dips bread into a bowl of vinegar supported on a golden vessel. (Ruth 2:14)

Stacking Barley:
At the end of the day, Boaz's field hands bind and expertly stack the sheaves of wheat in the barns. The stories depicted on this folio provide exemplary pictorial information about daily agricultural practice in the thirteenth century. (Ruth 2:23)

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