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The Morgan Crusader Bible of Louis IX
or Maciejowski Bible
or The Bible of Shah Abbas

Ms Morgan 638, folio 09v

Morgan Maciejowski Bible f.9v, Detail of panel 4

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Moses, following the Lord's command, casts the tree into the bitter waters. The Israelites gather around with drinking cups and vessels to collect the sweetened waters. In the foreground, a group of sheep quenches its thirst. (Exodus 15:2425)

Hunger has overcome the Israelites in the wilderness, and the congregation begins to murmur against Moses. The Lord hears these complaints, however, and rains bread from heaven upon the people. The Israelites collect the bread, each according to his own need, following the instructions Lord has given to Moses. (Exodus 16:1115)

The Lord Provides:
Once more the Israelites complain to Moses of thirst, but again the Lord provides. Moses, in obedience to God, strikes the rock at Horeb with his staff, and a spring bursts forth to quench the thirst of the people and their flocks. (Exodus 17:36)

Joshua, a Soldier:
Amalek and his army threaten the Israelites with war. Moses commands Joshua, son of Nun, to assemble an army. The opponents face each other across a field at Rephidim, in this illustration arrayed in thirteenth-century battle dress. Joshua wears a brown tunic and carries a tri-point shield emblazoned with a lion. He and his cavalry all wear great helms. The enemy horsemen, to include the crowned Amalek, wear an older style of pointed helmet with a nasal guard. In the foreground, trumpeters and drummers sound the call to battle. (Exodus 17:813)

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