The Morgan Crusader Bible of Louis IX
or Maciejowski Bible
or The Bible of Shah Abbas

Ms Morgan 638, folio 06r

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An Ironic Turn of Events:
The great famine that Joseph predicted having arrived, the new governor oversees the sale and distribution of Egypt's vast stores of corn. Following Jacob's order, Joseph's brothers travel to Egypt to buy corn. They do not recognize Joseph's face in the stern gaze of the governor, who chooses not to reveal his identity. Joseph accuses them of spying and imprisons them. All are released save one, who will serve as hostage until the brothers return with Benjamin. Benjamin is Joseph's only full brother, born after his adventures in Egypt. Having learned of Benjamin, Joseph demands to see him. (Genesis 42:620)

A Bounty:
In Canaan, Jacob reluctantly agrees to Joseph's command. The brothers depart at right, led by Benjamin on a camel, and carry rich presents for the governor. (Genesis 43:1114)

Tricks and Accusations:
Again Joseph tests his brothers. They are allowed to depart with grain, but, secretly, Joseph has ordered a golden cup to be placed in Benjamin's sack. At right, stewards catch up with the group and accuse them of thievery. Benjamin is pulled roughly before Joseph by a steward who displays the evidence. The frightened brothers fall to their knees and beg for the governor's mercy. (Genesis 44:417)

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