The Morgan Crusader Bible of Louis IX
or Maciejowski Bible
or The Bible of Shah Abbas

Ms Morgan 638, folio 03r

Morgan Maciejowski Bible f.3r, Detail of panel 4
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Noah in His Cups:
Noah, now a farmer, tills the earth and plants a vineyard. Later, his sons find their father drunken from too much wine and are ashamed of his nakedness. Ham stands behind his father, mocking, while his brother Shem, eyes averted, covers Noah with the end of his cloak. (Genesis 9:2023)

A Monumental Misunderstanding:
People of Babel plan to build an enormous city and a tower that will reach to heaven. The Lord is angered by their pride and confuses the speech of men so as to interrupt their plans. The project is abandoned, and the builders scatter to all regions of the earth. The miniature provides an excellent example of the medieval building process. Note the pulley system, driven by a man inside a wooden wheel that functions much like a treadmill. (Genesis 11:34)

The Greatest of Tests:
The Lord has decided to test Abraham by ordering him to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. Before Abraham can carry out this order, an angel of the Lord catches the tip of his sword and instructs him to offer a ram in the boy's place. Isaac appears twice in this illustration in a gold tunic, carrying firewood for his own sacrifice and again on the altar. (Genesis 22:913)

Lot Taken Captive:
The family of Abraham's nephew, Lot, become unfortunate captives in a war between enemy kings. Lot, his wife, and five soldiers are led away by the victors. They are preceded by two footmen who lead Lot's children away. (Genesis 14:812)

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