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Illustrations of military interest from

Liber additamentorum by Matthew Paris

f. 2v: Offa cured of his blindness, both courtiers abandon king Warmund.

f. 3r: Offa is given arms.

f. 3v: Offa defeating the younger son of Riganus.

f. 4r: Offa defeating the elder son of Riganus.

f. 7r: A 14th century illustration of a battle.

Cotton MS Nero D I
Date: 1250-1259
Title: Matthew Paris, Liber additamentorum
Content: Matthew Paris, Liber additamentorum, a collection of original literary treatises and historical documents he assembled to support his research, rearranged in the 14th century (with later additions) and by Sir Robert Cotton.
Matthew Paris illuminated the first scenes (ff. 2v4v) and another St Albans artist completed two drawings (ff. 4v, 5r). In the late 14th century a St Albans artist finished the project based on the instructions left by Matthew Paris in the lower margins.
British Library Cotton MS Nero D I

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