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Illustrations from

Histoire d'Outremer

par Guillaume de Tyr
traduction française avec continuation jusqu'en 1232

[By William of Tyre - French translation with continuation until 1232]

Made in Northern France, between 1232 and 1261

British Library Manuscript: Yates Thompson 12

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f9 Godfrey of Bouillon
f13v Siege of Nicea
f18v Baldwin
f23v Siege of Antioch
f29 Battle outside Antioch
f34v Bishop Adhemar
f40v Siege of Jerusalem
f46 Godfrey of Bouillon
f51v Godfrey and Baldwin
f58v Bohemund and Daimbert
f67v Ebremars, Archbishop of Caesarea
f75 Assault on Tyre
f82v Coronation of Foulques
f90 Emperor John
f99v Death of Sanguius
f109v Battle
f120 Patriarch of Antioch
f132 Nureddin, Sultan of Damascus
f143 Amaury and Mary
f161 Saladin ravaging the Holy Land
f204 Siege

Source: British library

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