An inserted miniature in BL Harley 5102
Murder of Thomas Becket, England, late 12th-century

A larger image of the Murder of Thomas Becket in manuscript BL Harley 5102, England, late 12th-century.

Part 2
Title: Inserted miniatures
Date: last quarter of the 12th century
Decoration: 5 full-page miniatures in colours and gold, on inserted leaves, including the murder of Becket (ff. 17, 32, 68, 118, 129).

Folio 32
Description: Detail of a miniature of the martyrdom of Thomas Becket: he kneels before the altar, and one of the four knights, perhaps William de Tracy, delivers the first blow, which cuts into the arm of Edward Grim, the cross-bearer; Reginald FitzUrse (identified by the muzzled bear on his shield) strikes the top of Becket's head. Origin: England (E. Midlands?) British Library Harley 5102

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