Illustrations from the:

Biblia Segunde de San Isidoro de Leon,
Biblioteca, Colegiata S. Isidoro, Leon, 1162

David and Goliath

Detail of David and Goliath.

Detail of the pursuit of the Philistines.

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El Archivo Capitular de la Colegiata de San Isidoro cuenta entre sus tesoros con una Biblia visigótico-mozárabe realizada por Florencio y Sancho en el año 960. Cuenta con 517 folios y ricas ilustraciones. En el siglo XII anónimos copistas reprodujeron las mismas miniaturas en una Biblia de 3 volúmenes con 617 folios en letra carolina. La técnica y el estilo de la miniatura corresponden a época románica.
The Chapter Archive of San Isidoro Collegiate counts among its treasures a Visigothic-Mozarabic Bible by Florentius and Sanctius in 960. It has 517 pages and rich illustrations. In the twelfth century anonymous copyists reproduced the same miniatures in a Bible of three volumes with 617 pages in carolina font. The technique and style of miniature correspond to the Romanesque period.

Referenced on p.16, The Moors - The Islamic West - 7th-15th Centuries AD by David Nicolle:
David and Goliath (top), and an Israelite army defeating the Philistines, in a Spanish illustrated Bible made in AD 1162. At a time when the Philistines were almost invariably shown as Muslims in Western European art, this illustrated Bible has both sides equipped in the same manner. Both carry round shields, wear long-sleeved mail hauberks, usually with mail coifs, and are armed with lances and straight swords.

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